Surgical Treatment without hysterectomy

Your physician has told you that you must have a hysterectomy. Do you know the reasons why? Do you know that there are alternatives to hysterectomy? Do you know if you are a good candidate for another treatment option?

woman thinking how to avoid hysterectomy

Chances are that if you did not specifically ask, you were not informed about an alternative to hysterectomy. And, if you did inquire, you may have received an unsatisfactory response. You may have been told that “hysterectomy is the best and most reasonable solution in your situation”, or that having completed your family, you “don’t need your uterus and ovaries anymore”. Understandably, your reaction to this may have been shocked, disbelief, or anger and you couldn’t accept this. You were wondering if there were any alternatives to hysterectomy.

On this site, you will find answers to your questions regarding other options besides hysterectomy. While not all women are candidates for treatments other than hysterectomy, most women do have choices. All women should be informed about their condition and options before definitive treatment.

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